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If you stopped in and saw the test page in the past, welcome to the new and improved, "still working on things" page! I have Home, Aviation, Sailing . To get back Home from any page, click the pipe & jug logo!

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From Look around the site for new car shows, custom and antique car shows.


From "Flying" Magazine. Click on each event to see what airports are doing to have fun. One has a movie night where they show a vintage movie!


Near the Mojave Desert or Las Vegas? Come visit an be ready to take a ride!









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Hey Guys & Gals!

Welcome to Chet's Jug! There are a million websites and forums on the internet for hobbies of all kinds. If you want to know how to get into different sports, this is the place. I have found out over the years that things I always wanted to do was just around the corner. The thing is, you either have to find your own corners, or hang out with like minded people to get ideas and network. Networking is not just for Space Face, or whatever.

Currently I am reinventing my Aviation section to reflect new information I have learned since opening the Aviation page. There are new opportunities as well as old ones I'm finding every day.

Chet's Jug started as an Automotive Hobby site for friends and enthusiasts. It was DOA as my "friends" could not drag themselves away from Facebook & it turned into a site for hobbies and lifestyles that centered around the love for activity in your life that involved building and using home-built toys. Planes, Bikes, Electric Vehicles, Alcohol Stills for Fuel & other things you can invent in your garage.

What's All This Then???

Adventure Log

Tell us how you are doing at finding the answers to your dreams. Come back now and then and update us!

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